Abergower has its foundations and reputation built over the last 15 years in delivering highly prestigious projects for world leading organisations requiring their paper documents to be converted to digital content in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

With the need for speed and accuracy to capture vital information from inbound paper and electronic files Abergower has a backbone of services that provide comprehensive management information for our clients.

Our high performance scanners from the world leading manufactures allow us to perform many functions and facilities that many of our competitors cannot match, speeds of over 250 pages per minute, automatic double feed detection, automatic de-skew, automatic image enhancement, intelligent optical character recognition for index data extraction are just a few of the features of our high performance scanning systems that offer real value to the client and the processing capabilities that we offer.

We are manufacturer independent that means that we use the right scanner each project, this ensures that every page is scanned to the highest quality standards and we get the right information from that page in the most accurate way possible.